A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Aether is a 2D real time tactics game based on pure Newtonian physics. Fleets are constructed from 10 different ship hulls, which can be equipped with various specialized weapons, sensors, fighters, and other systems.

The player has intricate control over various ship systems, power management, repairing, etc. But the most important aspect of the game is managing the momentum and positions of the units to gain a situational advantage. The units do not have any maximum speed, and there is no fixed frame of reference.

There is a singleplayer campaign, plus singleplayer and mulitplayer skirmish mode.

Aether is open source. The GitHub page can be found here:


Install instructions

Windows version has been tested on Windows 7,10

Linux version tested on Mint Cinnamon 19.3 and Ubuntu 18.04


Aether v0.40 Windows 412 MB
Aether v0.40 Linux 419 MB

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